Bin Store Hygiene — Why Should You Keep Your Bin Store Clean?

The rubbish you throw into your bins is going to make them dirty and smelly — that’s pretty obvious. Hopefully you already know why it’s crucial to have the bins themselves cleaned on a regular basis, but have you thought about the surrounding area?

How Dirty Can Your Bin Store Get?

Your bin store area is likely to contain anything from half a dozen bins upwards, containing all kinds of rubbish. Some of the recycling bins might seem OK, as you only put non-perishables in them, but that doesn’t stop perishable material from getting into them. At the other extreme, you may have food waste in some of your bins, which will go off quickly and can become a health hazard.

It’s not just what’s in the bins, though. The reality is that some of your rubbish is likely to get spilled around the bins. You may also have rats or mice (or even dogs or foxes) dragging food waste out and spilling it around, and they’re also likely to leave their droppings in the area.

What Kind of Problems Can a Dirty Bin Store Cause?

Even if your bins are regularly cleaned and sanitised, the bin store area can continue to harbour much the same problems as a dirty bin. The most obvious is the stench it will eventually start to cause. If you have a business that involves customers visiting (e.g. a shop or restaurant), people may stop coming, while your employees are likely to start complaining even if you’re not a customer-facing business.

More serious, though, is the risk of spreading infections. We’re all highly aware these days of the risks of person-to-person infection, but unhygienic areas can also harbour viruses, bacteria and fungi that create health risks.

Health issues that can arise from dirty bin stores include food poisoning and gastroenteritis, and anyone who has to go into the area also risks tetanus. If this gets too bad, your establishment could be closed down by the local authority, or your employees might take legal action against you for risking their health.

What Can You Do About Your Bin Store?

It’s just as important to have your bin store cleaned on a regular basis as to have the bins themselves sanitised. It can be done at the same time, which means the best opportunity would be immediately after your bins have been emptied.

If you want to know more about how to ensure that your bin store remains clean and hygienic, you’re very welcome to give us a call and have a chat about it.

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